More info about the partners and members of the Association - TechCompany

Date: 05.03.2024

Today we’ll talk about TechCompany, a company that deals with Web3 development and consulting.

Over 7 years of development, TechCompany has implemented more than 50 projects using blockchain technology: TonSeed, ColdStack, Ustaking, Tokenize kz, Euphoria Games, Uwbo, Fob kz, Gemm, Rocki, Dexoo, Orbim.

Among them are projects from the sectors: DeFi, NFT platforms, Gaming projects, Metaverses, Centralized and decentralized wallets, crypto exchangers, asset tokenization.

Their technology stack consists of languages: Golang, NodeJS, Python, Solidity, JavaScript, Typescript, VueJS.

For more information, visit TechCompany