Our mission is to strengthen the country's economy, increase its reliability and stability,
as well as give impetus to entrepreneurial


Management board
Karashev Dauren Dautovich

Chief Executive

Advisory Council

Yelnur Shildibekov

Member of the Advisory council on Digitalization and Technology
Nurlan Yelmuratov

Member of the Advisory council on energy issues
Zhadyra Sabanshi

Member of the Legal Advisory Board
Aliya Tanabergenova

Member of the Advisory council on Finance, Taxation and Audit


If you have witnessed or have information about illegal digital (gray) mining activities or illegal exchange or trading of digital assets (including P2P-arbirtage), please send us the data to the mailing address: karashev.d@aq-group.io . We guarantee your privacy. Please attach to the letter: address, photos. Optionally, you can also specify the name of the company that is engaged in illegal activities and your contact number.