KABTAI experts held a seminar for the legal community

Date: 26.06.2024

Specialists from the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies and Artificial Intelligence (KABTAI) held a seminar on the topic "Blockchain Basics. Problematic Issues of Regulating Secured and Unsecured Digital Assets" at the Center for Advanced Studies of Lawyers in Astana.

The event was attended by lawyers from all regions of the country. During the two-hour lecture, participants received a detailed overview of the basic principles of blockchain. One of the topics of the lecture was the principles of Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake and their differences, which allowed participants to better understand the mechanisms of verification and maintaining consensus in blockchain networks, as well as issues of digital asset security.

The lecturers also presented information on secured and unsecured digital assets, explaining how these assets are used and regulated in the Kazakhstan market. Particular attention was paid to the problems of law enforcement practice in the field of secured and unsecured digital assets. At the end of the lecture, the speakers answered questions from the audience, which contributed to a more substantive discussion of the topic. Chief Executive of the KABTAI Dauren Karashev noted the important role of the advocacy community in the formation and development of the digital asset industry in our country.

"The key to the development of the digital asset market in Kazakhstan is possible if each participant is confident in the full protection of their rights and interests. Therefore, qualified assistance and support from lawyers is of great importance in this matter," Karashev noted.

The head of the KABTAI also emphasized the need to continue educational initiatives and maintain further cooperation with the Center for Advanced Studies of Advocates in Astana.