KABTAI requested a translation of AIFC acts

Date: 05.07.2024

Today, digital asset market participants face problems related to the availability and correct interpretation of regulatory legal acts governing legal relations in the field of digital asset trading.

One of the reasons is the absence of acts of the Astana International Financial Center in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies and Artificial Intelligence often receives requests for an official translation.

According to the law, the right to officially translate AIFC acts is assigned exclusively to the AIFC, where the official language is English.

Therefore, the Association sent a request to the AIFC to provide an official translation into the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​of the AIFC acts regulating the field of digital assets.

The Association considers it appropriate to assign to the AIFC the obligation to translate and publish acts regulating digital assets in the Kazakh and Russian languages.