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New Rules of Informing about Cryptocurrency Mining Activities in Kazakhstan

Date: 04.05.2022

According to the new rules of informing about cryptocurrency mining activities in Kazakhstan, persons planning to engage in mining or provide related services must provide the following information to the Ministry 30 days before the start of work:
• name of the legal entity/sole proprietor;
• legal address of the legal entity/sole proprietor;
• contact information (phone numbers, e-mail);
• bank details of a legal entity/sole proprietor;
• the required capacity in megawatts (MW/) to carry out activities in the field of digital mining / provision of services to provide a comprehensive computing infrastructure for performing computing operations and data processing by persons engaged in digital mining;
• number of planned jobs;
• planned investments (tenge);
• IP address (dedicated pool of IP addresses);
• a copy of the cargo customs declaration and/or a document confirming the availability of equipment in the field of digital mining on the right of ownership or other legal basis;
• information about the location of the data processing center for digital mining;
• a document confirming the residency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a person engaged in activities in the field of digital mining;
• a copy of the technical conditions for connection to electric networks for the implementation of activities in the field of digital mining.

Miners must also report this and additional information quarterly before the 10th day following the reporting month. See the full list on the official resource: http://zan.gov.kz/client/#!/doc/167156/rus

In case of termination of crypto-currency mining activities, it is necessary to notify the authorized body within 10 days from its termination.