Miners maintain a balance in the energy system – D. Karashev on digital "Diggers", renewable energy and the carbon market

Date: 01.04.2024

On March 27, 2024, a meeting was held between the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies and Data Centers (KABT) and the AIFC Center for Green Finance (ZF). KABT Chief Executive  Dauren Karashev met with Manas Gijduaniev, a member of the Board of the CFCF. 

The round table discussed the prospects for the development of the green energy market, the role and importance of licensed miners in this area, as well as issues of reducing carbon emissions through the construction of green energy facilities in Kazakhstan and the potential contribution that miners can make.

"As you know, according to the model of a Single Electricity Buyer, which was introduced on July 1 last year, from now on, digital miners can consume only unclaimed electricity by the energy system, namely consumers of excess electricity, in other words, a surplus. If the surplus is not mastered, an overvoltage may occur in the power system. Now such a surplus is being sold to digital miners at auction using the overestimation method. Unfortunately, such a surplus does not always happen. Therefore, to ensure their smooth operation, digital miners are interested in building additional energy capacities. And we want the new energy capacities to be environmentally friendly – "green". In general, it is necessary to increase the implementation of green projects. To do this, it is necessary to stimulate the development of the carbon market. This is what we plan to actively do," Karashev stressed.

Following the discussion, the parties noted the possibility of further cooperation to achieve their goals.