School of blockchain and AI and a KABT member Techcompany are launching a master class on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, as well as nft and gamefi

Date: 01.04.2024

On April 8, 2024, a member of KABT Techcompany on the basis of the "School of blockchain and AI" launches a series of free master classes in the following areas:
I master class: "General concepts of blockchain"
At the master class you will learn everything about blockchain and where and how it is used (transparency, immutability, programmability). 

In addition, you will learn about the concept of the p2p network, the work of a distributed and decentralized system, as well as consensus and its types (POS, POW, PoST), nodes, the purpose of nodes and staking.
In the second part of the master class, you will learn about the features of cryptocurrencies, tokens, types of tokens, wallets and types of wallets.

II master class: "DeFi decentralized finance"
Here you will learn what DeFi, Dapps and DAO are. Get acquainted with new ways of project management, organization of the future.
You will also be told about the main protocols and where they are applied. Namely, Uniswap exchange, Compound Lending, Set protocol indexes. 
In the second part, you will be told about financial instruments and their advantages (DeFi staking, DeFi farming, DeFi liquidity provision, as well as Dex exchanges).

III master class: NFT and GameFi
As part of the final master class, you will understand what NFT is and what task it solves. Cases and ways of applying NFT in practice will be considered: fashion, games, art, sports, certificates. 
In the second part of this master class, GameFi will be considered. It will tell you what its advantage is, how the gaming finance market works. You will also learn about the metaverse, what the future holds for us, what can be done in the metaverse and what they are notable for.

To register, follow the link: