The Kazakhstan association of blockchain technologies held a training seminar for the Foundation of Turkic-Speaking Journalists and the World Association of International Press

Date: 16.10.2023

The following issues related to the topic of blockchain were raised at the seminar:
- basic principles of the technology,
- branches of the economy in which blockchain is used
- legal regulations existing in the Republic of Kazakhstan,
- preventive measures to identify and suppress illegal activities (gray mining, illegal ways of exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies)

Dauren Karashev, Chief Executive of the Association conducted the main part of the training, in which he spoke about the current legal situation of the industry in the country and in the world..
Elnur Shildibekov, member of the Advisory Board of the Association, answered journalists' questions about the prospects of Kazakhstan in the field of mining.
Mining expert Adilbek Shungulov focused on the technical side of the issue, explaining the difference between "gray" and "white" miners, the design of mining farms, and their features in Kazakhstan.

The journalistic community was extremely interested in the topics raised during the seminar and took an active part. Those present were awarded certificates, and those who distinguished themselves were also given books about blockchain technology.

The participants of the training decided to hold such events on a regular basis, involving more and more people who are interested in the industry.