Representatives of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime conducted training for the Association

Date: 26.10.2023

One of the main goals of the Association is to ensure compliance of our country’s legislative acts in the field of financial services with the requirements of the digital era. We are committed to creating an economy of the future that benefits the citizens of Kazakhstan, including encouraging innovative technologies.

The Association is deeply interested in developing and supporting the implementation of transformational technologies in the financial sector, including distributed ledger technology (DLT).

We expect that the application of distributed ledger technology, including blockchain, in various areas will lead to the emergence of new types of entrepreneurial activities and business models, contributing to economic growth and the creation of new jobs for the citizens of Kazakhstan.

However, we do not forget about regulatory issues. New technologies carry risks and threats to financial security. Because the technology is relatively new, no country has perfect methods for managing these risks.

We believe that through joint efforts, sharing and learning, the negative impacts can be reduced and the benefits of new technologies can be increased.

We recently organized a two-day course on the risks and crime investigation and control of decentralized finance. We invited speakers from the "UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime", who spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of decentralized finance, as well as methods for identifying and preventing financial crimes.

Didar Smagulov and Erbol Sardarbekov from Adildik Zholy, who have experience in exposing multi-billion-dollar corruption crimes, were invited to the event. We hope this course will help them improve their results even further.

The course turned out to be very informative, interesting and useful, and we express special gratitude to our speakers.