The Association held a series of lectures on the topic “Blockchain technologies, digital assets and their legal regulation”, within the walls of Maqsut Narikbayev University (MNU)

Date: 16.11.2023

The event was held with the aim of students receiving reliable information about the industry and the technologies behind it, first-hand. The date was also not chosen by chance, because... The event was dedicated to the National Currency Day of Kazakhstan and the holiday of financial system workers.

The grand opening of the event began with a welcoming speech from the MNU Provost - Sergey Gennadievich Pen, the Chairman of the Association Board - Dauren Dautovich Karashev, as well as the Deputy Chairman of the MNU Board - Ainur Bagdatovna Karbozova.

After the opening ceremony, the leadership of the University and the Association signed a memorandum, the purpose of which is to establish friendly relations, as well as mutual assistance and support in the development of the Web 3.0 and blockchain industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition, world bestsellers about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, translated into Kazakh, were transferred to the University library. It is worth noting that the translation of these books into Kazakh was realized thanks to the initiative and sponsorship of the Association’s leadership.