Online cryptocurrency literacy courses to be launched this year in Kazakhstan

Date: 03.02.2023

One of the largest IT forums in Central Asia, Digital Almaty 2023, is being held in Almaty for the second day. On the first day alone, the event managed to gather more than 20 thousand participants and guests from more than 30 countries. The main agenda of the forum was the topic of modern global challenges for the development of the innovative technology industry. Business representatives, international experts, IT communities, government agencies and the media take part in the discussion. The Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies, which is holding Kazakhstan Blockchain Day within the framework of the above-mentioned forum, did not stand aside either.

Akim of Almaty Yerbolat Dosaev and Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Musin spoke at the grand opening of the event. In his welcoming speech, the minister noted that "Kazakhstan's IT market is already more than 10,000 companies and 150,000 people employed in the industry. One person working in the IT industry creates three jobs in related industries." The akim, in his turn, stressed that 96% of public services are provided in digital format and this figure is constantly growing.

On behalf of the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies, during the panel session “Digital Mining Industry in Kazakhstan”, the speaker was Sapar Akhmetov, in his speech he emphasized that the development of the industry is carried out against the backdrop of support from the President: “Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich actively supports the development of the crypto industry and pays attention to digital assets and the transformation of Kazakhstan into a regional crypto hub.”

In addition, the Chairman f the KABT summed up the results of the past year, which, according to him, turned out to be difficult not only for the cryptocurrency and mining industry, but also for the stock market: “Serious changes have taken place in the global economy - rising inflation, tightening of monetary policy by central banks all over the world, as well as the war in Ukraine, had a negative impact on the markets with risky assets. At the same time, large venture funds, exchanges and coins burst and went bankrupt in the crypto industry. But, despite this, there is an active promotion and development of the industry in Kazakhstan.”

Also, during the speech, Sapar Akhmetov announced the cryptocurrency literacy courses that the Association plans to launch this year: “The courses will be conducted by our specialists for everyone, they will be held 2 times a week, for a month, and we hope everyone , will dispel the myth that cryptocurrencies are difficult and inconvenient.”